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The purpose of “Access Public Documentation“ is to provide a better understanding of what services our Access product provides. Developers on our customers' side could use this along with the openAPI documentation to ensure the quickest integration with finAPI.

Welcome to finAPI Access!

finAPI Access is our core service that enables simple and secure retrieval and evaluation of financial data of private and business accounts.

Connecting international banks

With finAPI Access, you have access to the major banks in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary. Further countries are in planning - just contact us if countries that are important to you are not yet listed.

Access to many account types

The XS2A interface delivers mostly current accounts (or checking accounts), however, we are still able to fetch various other account types via other interfaces.

Supported account types are:

  • Checking accounts

  • Savings accounts

  • Credit card accounts

  • Security accounts

  • Loan accounts

  • Membership accounts ("Genossenschaftsanteile")

  • Building society contracts

  • PayPal accounts (business and private)

Data retrieval and method for reading out the account data

First and foremost we're relying on the XS2A interface (access-to-account), which complies with the Payment Services Directive v2 (PSD2) to fetch payment accounts.
Subsequently, depending on the bank and account type, we're using FinTS/HBCI, screen scraping, or data retrieval via APIs from financial service providers, such as PayPal.


finAPI Access offers numerous advantages, including but not limited to:

  • Mature technology since 2008

  • One of the first and most widely used PSD2 XS2A interfaces

  • Secure access to account data & account transactions

  • Easy and secure integration of bank data in your applications

  • Optimization and automation of internal processes

  • Background update with push function via WebHooks

  • Individualization through various add-ons

  • Comprehensive REST services, API Docs, and documentation for developers

  • Bafin licensed payment initiation service (ZAD)

  • Bafin registered account information service (KID)

On top of the data retrieved from Access, finAPI also builds various products, including Data Intelligence, Know Your Customers (KYC), and Payment solutions. For more details about other finAPI products, please visit

Trying Access for free in Sandbox

We offer a 30-day free trial period during which you can use our Access services for free.

If you have not ordered the Sandbox account yet, feel free to do so by submitting a request online via

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