Welcome to Data Intelligence!

With finAPI Data Intelligence REST services we want to provide a deeper insight in the picture that describes the financial situation of a consumer based on our Open Banking solution.

We already provide intelligent banking API services suitable for an individualized personal finance management experience of an end user with our Access PFM product. However, with Data Intelligence we can provide our customers with an even clearer picture of the financial situation of their consumers and users.

To achieve this we structured our Data Intelligence services accordingly:

  • Risk Reports section provides reports related to user's banking transactions which might indicate a payment risk, if for e.g. our customer provides goods with a payment plan to this consumer. We detect these risky transactions, and bundle them under one report, which an application on our customer's side can consume within seconds.

  • To gain a deeper understanding of the cash flows of your end users, we offer the Cash Flow Reports section. Here a variety of income and expenditure related reports, in which we aggregate and summarize the according transactions belonging to a specific field, like insurances, income or rent and living, etc.

To provide data in the highest possible quality, Data Intelligence Open Finance services analyse the external data received from finAPI Access (https://docs.finapi.io/ ) via finAPI Web Form 2.0 (WebForm 2.0 Documentation), such as account data, transactions, bank data, by using a combination of an expert knowledge system, driven by clear defined rules, and machine learning approaches for providing a label coverage for approximately 80% of all transactions and aggregation the information into decision ready state.

Furthermore, we use cutting edge technology for constantly enhancing our services, from data analysis pipelines to an event driven system, which is build in scalable modules, that you also may use in a proprietary environment or as a SaaS. If you are interested in this kind of usage or want to know more, please feel free to contact us for an offer. We are looking forward to hearing from you!


The following sections describe the technical steps needed for an integration. It is an additional resource which completes our Swagger description of the REST API. If you experience any problems with our integration or just have some questions, please contact our support any time under support@finapi.io. Our customer success team is happy to help you to bring your services consuming finAPI REST APIs to success.