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Entertainment Use Cases


The Entertainment Report provides an overview of the entertainment spendings of a customer.

Information you can get from this report:

  • What kind of expeses does the customer have for Digital Media like TV Streaming, Music Streaming, Books and Gaming

  • How much money does the customer spend on printmedia?

  • What other types of entertainment (like does the customer prefer?

The following use cases are examples to make them more “plastic”.

Media Companies

UC-01: Personalized advertising


  • Media Company

  • User


  • Media company’s application

  • finAPI Data Intelligence

  • finAPI Process Controller

  • finAPI WebForm


  • Identify personal preferences for digital media consumption and events

  • Offer streaming or subscription packages

  • Personalised advertising for events and entertainment offers


  • User has opened the media company’s application


  • Bank’s loan application asks customer to import all accounts

    • Open finAPI Process Controller and get process token and user

    • Call finAPI WebForm v2 to let the user import the accounts

      • wait until the user has finished

    • Call finAPI Data Intelligence Synchronize accounts endpoint and wait for callback

      • Callback should create an Entertainment Report with the given Data Sources

    • Get the result of the Entertainment Report

      • Look at the result to find out what the client's preferences on entertainment are

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