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Introduction to Signed Digital Bank Statement PDF

Signed Digital Bank Statement PDF offers the possibility to receive all transactions as well as the most important information about an account in digital form and at the same time to verify the correctness by a signature. This is appropiate for B2C and B2B use cases.

What it solves

A digitally signed online account statement offers a secure and efficient way to track and verify financial transactions. Digitization minimizes errors and speeds up processes, saving time and money. The digital signature guarantees the authenticity and integrity of the statement, which both fulfills legal requirements and strengthens customer trust. Thus, the product serves as a reliable tool for accounting, tax returns and audits, while ensuring the security of sensitive company data.

Signed Digital Bank Statement PDF

The Signed Digital Bank Statement PDF gives an overview of the general information of the account, as well as the transactions of the customer in the requested period.

The general overview provides data on the account itself, as well as general information on the account, such as account balance, overdraft limit, and more. The transaction overview contains detailed information on the transactions, such as date, remittance info, amount, counterpart IBAN, counterpart name.

Used Data Fields

Unlike most other services, this call only returns a PDF and not a JSON.
The integration is therefore quite simple and is similar to retrieving a simple check.

A full API schema can be seen here:

Input Parameter





The ID of the account that was synchronized and for which the PDF is to be created.



List of the label group(s) (including sub-labels) - restricts the transactions' list to the ones having these labels and sub-labels.



Start date of the transactions to be taken into consideration for the pdf.



nd date of the transactions to be taken into consideration for the pdf. Set default to current date.


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