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Introduction to Account Holder Type Check

Checks an account, and what kind of account holder it is (e.g. joint account holder). This report ist appropriate for B2C use cases.

What it solves

During account checks, it must be possible to distinguish whether an account is a private account or a company account.
It is also relevant for credit applications, for example, whether the account is a joint account.

Account Holder Type Check

This check uses account information such as the account holder to check what type of account holder is on file with the Bank for the account.

As a result, you get a statement whether it is one of the following types:

  • Private person

  • Joint account holder

  • Company account

Used data fields

No Case is required for checks. Only one data source must have been synchronized successfully.

The account holder is mainly used for this check as input data.


This gives you a quick overview of the transactions used in the report through aggregated values that can serve as a summary.

A full API schema can be seen here:





List of the check result, organized by accounts.



Represents what type of account holder it is. Can contain the following values: PRIVATE, JOINT, COMPANY, UNKNOWN.



UUID of the bank account belonging to the imported bank connection.



IBAN of the bank account.

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