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Bank and Credit Aggregation

Get insights into how much money your customer spends on bank-related products and services, such as interest, bank fees, etc.

This aggregation is appropriate for B2B and B2C use cases.


Bank and Credit Aggregations are largely intended for companies that need to verify existing loans and liabilities of customers.

Information you can get from the Bank and Credit Report:

  • What loans are existing?

  • Which banking fees is the customer paying?

  • How much cash does the customer need and how often does the customer use his credit card?

  • Which other liabilities does the customer have?

What it solves

To better assess, review, and advise the customer, banks and financial service providers need to know what financial expenses the customer already has.
What loans does he have? What fees does he have to pay? What other obligations does he have towards financial service providers?

The bank and credit aggregations therefore offer the possibility to present these expenses in a structured way, monthly. This allows a quick overview of the client's situation to be gained and appropriate actions to be taken.


A Bank and Credit Report can be generated as an Aggregation with the following query:

  "aggregations": [
      "alias": "Bank and Credit",
      "includeLabelGroup": [
      "excludeLabelGroup": [

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