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Health and Wellness Aggregation

Get information on when and how much money your client spends on their health and wellness.

This aggregation is appropriate for B2C use cases.


The Health and Wellness Aggregation provides an overview of the health and wellness spending of a customer.

Information you can get from this aggregation:

  • Expenses for medical specialists and hospitals

  • Expenses for pharmaceuticals and medical supplies

The Health and Wellness Aggregation is based on the label HEALTHANDWELLNESS, and its further sub-labels with a higher level of detail.

The aggregation gives an overview of data such as the number of relevant transactions. How much money does the customer spend on health and wellness? What kind of expenses on health and wellness does the customer have?

What it solves

To find out the current and future state of health, the Health and Wellness Aggregation can be helpful.
Here, expenditures for medical purposes are recorded and broken down. This can give a holistic picture of what health problems exist and how they are being dealt with.


A Health and Wellness Aggregation can be generated as an Aggregation with the following query:

  "aggregations": [
      "alias": "Health and Wellness",
      "includeLabelGroup": [

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