Welcome to finAPI Payments

finAPI Payments solution allows initiating payments directly from a bank account with instant confirmation of the payment initiation status.

Supported Payment Options

We support the following payment options:

  • SEPA Credit Transfer

  • SEPA Core Direct Debit

  • SEPA B2B Direct Debit

  • SEPA Instant Credit Transfer*

  • SEPA Standing Order*

  • Domestic Transfers (Czech Republic)

* This payment option is only available for a limited number of banks. Please contact our support@finapi.io to request more details.

Both single and bulk payment requests are supported. It is also possible to schedule a payment (i.e. provide an execution date in the future)

API References

Webform API Documentation: finAPI API Web Form 2.0 Documentation

Payments API Documentation: finAPI API Payments Documentation

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