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How to get the payment initiation status

To get the status of the payment initiation, please use the Get payments service:

GET /payments?ids=$paymentId

Please note that the SUCCESSFUL status indicates that the payment has been successfully initiated at the bank. The bank will then execute the payment according to their backend procedures & timeframes.

For SEPA Instant Credit Transfers, the status SUCCESSFUL indicates that the payment has been settled successfully (i.e. settled on the debtor and the creditor account).

For SEPA Standing Orders, the status SUCCESSFUL means that the standing order has been successfully registered at the bank. The standing order will then be executed at the bank according to the requested schedule. Please note, that we could only provide the standing order initiation status. If later the user cancels the standing order at the bank, this will not change the initiation status at finAPI.

In some rare cases, the payment status may remain PENDING upon finalizing the payment initiation. This could happen in the following scenarios:

  • There was an issue with retrieving the payment initiation status at the bank;

  • Upon retrieving the payment initiation status at the bank, the bank returned the intermediary status: RCVD (Received) or PDNG (Pending). Based on this status, we cannot tell if the payment initiation was SUCCESSFUL or UNSUCCESSFUL;

  • The user has abandoned the payment initiation process (either before or after authorizing the payment);

In these cases, we will attempt to retrieve the payment initiation status again at the bank. If an attempt is successful, we will update the status from PENDING to SUCCESSFUL or UNSUCCESSFUL.

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