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finAPI Web Form 2.0 Public Documentation Home

The purpose of “Web Form 2.0 Public Documentation“ is to provide a better understanding of what services the Web Form 2.0 will provide. Customer-side developers could use this along with the openAPI documentation to ensure the quickest integration with finAPI.


With finAPI’s Web Form 2.0 REST Services, we aim to provide the best possible version of the Web Form which customers can present to end-users to implement their use case.

When to use the Web Form?

As a customer of finAPI services, regulatory requirements of the European PSD2 regulation (ZAG law in Germany) may apply to you (please consult your lawyer or national Regulator for Financial Services for advice). 

If you do not have the permission/license of your national Financial Services Regulator to provide PSD2-relevant services, according to the German Regulator you must fulfill the minimum requirements to not process bank credentials or access banks directly. To allow finAPI customers without a Regulator PSD2 license to fulfill this minimum requirement, we have created the finAPI PSD2 Web Form. Please note, that additional regulatory requirements may apply to your business and that finAPI cannot provide legal advice. Here is an overview of the different regulatory permissions and their implications on the usage of the finAPI Web Form:

Customer’s Regulatory permission

Web Form required for

No regulatory permission

  • import/update bank connection

  • edit bank connection (editing end-user bank credentials)

  • execute SEPA Money Transfer (SCT)

  • execute SEPA Direct Debit (SDD)

Payments (PIS/ZAD)

  • import/update bank connection (batch updates)

  • edit bank connection (editing end-user bank credentials)

Account Information (AIS/KID)

  • execute SEPA Money Transfer (SCT)

  • execute SEPA Instant Money Transfer (SCT-Inst)

  • execute SEPA Direct Debit (SDD)

Fully regulated (both AIS/KID + PIS/ZAD)

  • optional (no Web Form required for any finAPI service)

Do you hold a PSD2 license but still want to use finAPI’s Web Form? It is possible and we recommend it. It will help you minimize your integration effort considerably. We can set you up to use your own certificate with our Web Form. Please contact our support at in case you need more details.

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