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How to Request Information about Available Funds

Requesting Available Funds

Using XS2A Funds Confirmation Service you can verify if a PSU has enough funds on a particular account.

You must have PSU consent on accessing funds information. Currently, there is no possibility to create such a consent through the XS2A interface, but it should be possible in the near future as the Berlin Group has announced that API for Funds Confirmation Consents service will be published soon.


  1. Your certificate must contain the PSP role = PSP_IC.

  2. If required by the bank, you need to create a funds-confirmation consent before requesting information about available funds. For more information, go to How to Create and Authorise a Confirmation of Funds Consent.

Confirmation of Funds Request

Through the /funds-confirmations endpoint, you can request a confirmation from a bank if a concrete amount is available on a particular account of a PSU.

The response contains a boolean as an indicator that the amount is covered or not.


Data field




Header X-Request-ID

Random UUID for this request

  • Fill in payload. Mandatory elements are account reference and amount.

  • Execute the request.

  • The response should have the HTTP status code: 200 - OK

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