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Which format is used for account information?

finAPI XS2A supports JSON format.

Which payment types are supported by the Sandbox?

finAPI XS2A Sandbox currently supports single payments, bulk and periodic payments. The following payment products are supported: SEPA credit transfers, instant SEPA credit transfers, Target 2 payments, cross-border credit transfers.

Which account types are supported in the Sandbox?

finAPI XS2A Sandbox currently provides test data for checking accounts.

For a detailed account of Sandbox test data, please refer to Sandbox Test Accounts and Test Data.

Which consent types are supported?

finAPI XS2A supports the following consent models:

  • Available accounts

  • Detailed consent

  • Global consent

How are TPPs authenticated?

finAPI XS2A requires the TPP to provide a QWACS certificate with every service call. There is no registration process for TPPs.

Which PSU SCA authentication flows are supported?

finAPI XS2A currently supports the Embedded and the decoupled authentication flow.

Information you about it you can find here 02. Supported Authentication Methods

Which API standard is supported by finAPI XS2A?

finAPI XS2A currently supports the Berlin Group "NextGenPSD2" standard.

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