General Information

This test bank is provided by B+S Banksysteme and can be imported via finAPI Access.

To find B+S Banksysteme Demobank FinTS3 in finAPI Bank Search, you can search by:

  • bank name: B+S Banksysteme Demobank FinTS3

  • BLZ: 70000997


Bank Id

Please use 26579as bankId for this test bank in the finAPI Sandbox environment.

Note: you can always find the bankId when searching for a bank via the Get and search all banks service.

Interfaces and capabilities

The bank supports two interfaces:



It is possible to import a bank connection and initiate a SEPA Money Transfer and SEPA Direct Debit with this test bank (no money will be moved).

Accounts and Transactions

2 checking accounts and 1 security account are available for this test bank via the FINTS_SERVER interface.

Credit Cards, Security, Bausparen, Savings, and Checking accounts are available via the WEB_SCRAPER interface.


The following credentials are required for accessing the test bank:


  • Onlinebanking-ID: 123456

  • PIN: 88333

To trigger no SCA scenario, please use:

  • Onlinebanking-ID: 123456

  • PIN: 88111


Decoupled SCA scenario, please use the:

  • Benutzerkennung: 1002

  • PIN: 12345

To trigger no SCA scenario, please use:

  • Benutzerkennung: 1000

  • PIN: 88111

Note: select SMS TAN (901) to continue with the import.


The test bank supports different two-step procedures to allow testing of different MSA approaches: Flicker Code, smsTan, and photoTan.

The challengeResponse value to use is always “123456”.