General Information

The finAPI Test Bank for embedded/decoupled has the name “finAPI Test Bank” and the BLZ is DEMO0001.

Bank Id

Please use 280001 as bankId for this test bank.

Note: you can always find the bankId when searching for a bank via Get and search all banks service.

Interfaces and capabilities

The bank supports two interfaces:

  • XS2A


Both interfaces have the DECOUPLED_APPROACH property set. The behavior of both interfaces is completely identical and both return the same accounts and transactions.

It is possible to import a bank connection and initiate a SEPA Money Transfer with this test bank (no money will be moved).

Accounts and Transactions

2 Checking Accounts and 1 Savings Account are available for this test bank.

New transactions will be generated for the test accounts daily.


The following credentials can be used to the test bank and are identical for both interfaces:

  • Onlinebanking-ID: demo

  • PIN: demo

To trigger no SCA scenario, please use:

  • Onlinebanking-ID: demo_no_msa

  • PIN: demo_no_msa


The test bank supports different two-step-procedures to allow testing of different MSA approaches:

  • embedded approach: smsTan, pushTan, chipTan optical, chipTan QR
    The challengeResponse value to use is always “123456”

  • decoupled approach: Demo Decoupled Auth