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finAPI Environments

We offer two environments for our customers: Sandbox and Live.


Purpose: Evaluation & testing. The sandbox environment always contains the latest version of the finAPI services.


The following applies to the use of the Sandbox server:

  • Testing/evaluation of the services.

  • Please do not perform load tests on the Sandbox.

  • Data created on Sandbox will not be migrated if you decide to change to the live production environment.

  • If used with real bank accounts, personal data may be stored on the Sandbox. You are responsible for making sure that you have the required rights to store the data on the finAPI Sandbox.

  • All data on the Sandbox server must be deleted by the users themselves after use.

  • No SLA and availability guarantees are given for the Sandbox.


Purpose: Production usage.


The following applies to the use of the Live environment:

  • You may use the finAPI Live instance only if you have a valid license agreement for using finAPI.

  • Users created on the live instance count towards your license agreement.

  • Please do not use the Live instance for load or performance tests.

  • Access to the Live environment can be IP restricted for security reasons.

  • The SLA as per the license agreement is applied.

If you need to perform load or performance tests on some finAPI environment, please contact us.

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