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The finAPI documentation is based on the OpenAPI 3 format (often also referred to as ‘Swagger’). OpenAPI is a specification for machine-readable interface files for describing, producing, consuming, and visualizing RESTful web services. You will find more information on the OpenAPI specification page.

One useful feature of OpenAPI is the possibility to auto-generate SDKs based on the API documentation. There are a bunch of different SDK generators available on the internet. In our experience, the most promising option is the openapi-generator, although it isn’t perfect and often generates non-compilable code upon a new release. That is why we are hosting our SDK generator at While this service is more or less a copy of the openapi-generator, it includes fixes for the issues that we know of in the original generator and allows us to upgrade to new generator versions in a controlled way.

The easiest way to generate an SDK with our generator is via the API documentation site. Go to,  select your desired API in the "SELECT PRODUCT" box and click on "Download SDK":


In the pop-up dialogue, select the desired target language and hit "DOWNLOAD SDK". Your request will be forwarded to, and after a few seconds, a ZIP file will be downloaded. Unpack the client and integrate it into your project.

Note that the support for some languages may be in beta or deprecated state. For an overview of the supported languages and their current state, please refer to this list from the official openapi-generator site.

Customize SDK

The approach described above generates an SDK with default generator settings. If you have issues with the SDK, you can try to use different settings. For details, refer to the documentation of our generator at

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