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General Information

MockBank is an external test bank that can be connected via the finAPI Access product.

MockBank allows registering test bank accounts, generating transactions, and setting the SCA method.

This document addresses how a MockBank can be imported via finAPI Access. For more details about the MockBank app and pricing, please refer to the links below.

To find MockBank in finAPI Bank Search, you can search by:

  • bank name: MockBank XS2A

  • BLZ: 48151623


Or you can search by an IBAN, that is issued to your test account at MockBank.

Bank Id

Please use 280024as bankId for this test bank in the finAPI Sandbox environment.

Note: you can always find the bankId when searching for a bank via the Get and search all banks service.

Interfaces and capabilities

MockBank supports XS2A Interface.

It is possible to import a bank connection and initiate a SEPA Money Transfer with this bank.

Accounts and Transactions

It is possible to create multiple accounts for a user via the MockBank app.

Each created account comes with a set of initial transactions. It is possible to add more transactions to an account by entering transaction details in the MockBank app.

Note: finAPI transaction purpose attribute is mapped to transaction Remittance Information Unstructured attribute at MockBank. You can edit the Remittance Information Unstructured value when you click to edit transaction details in the MockBank app.


Users can be created at The username (Anmeldename) and password will be available in the MockBank app once the user is created.


As of October 2021, MockBank improved the convenience and user experience by implementing that for every new test customer created, a default SCA method will be generated. You can see this default SCA method setting under the SCA methods Tab. In this default SCA method, the authentication type is always by PHONE, and the TAN is always 123456 (see an example screenshot below).

However, if you wish, you can modify/configure your TAN value and other fields of the default SCA method. You can also create new SCA methods.

Both EMBEDDED and DECOUPLED approaches are supported via finAPI.

When DECOUPLED SCA is set up for an account, to authorize the bank import/payment, please log in to the MockBank app, go to Authorisations Tab, and click Approve.

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