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Personal Finance Management

PFM services are available as an add-on for finAPI Access. Please make sure you have requested this add-on to be able to use the services.

Below you can find the main categorization services. For the complete list, please refer to .


More than a simple bank transaction data interface, finAPI has a built-in sophisticated categorization engine and ready-to-go services for Personal Finance Management (PFM) functionality.

How Categorization Works

  • Transactions are categorized into 12 parents and 66 subcategories.

  • The categorization engine is trained by all finAPI users and thus all results are based on a large user base.

  • A self-learning algorithm constantly improves existing categorization rules and adds new rules where required.

  • User-specific categories can be created and user-specific rules overrule community-based rules.


Get categories

You can query all available categories via Get and search all categories endpoint.

GET /categories

Create a category

It is possible to create custom categories and sub-categories via Create a new category endpoint:

POST /categories

Create custom categorization rules

You could also allow the users to create custom categorization rules via the Train categorization endpoint:

POST /categories/trainCategorization

Transactions labeling

In addition to the transaction categorization, you could offer your users to label the transactions. Unlike categories, labels will be always assigned by the user and multiple labels can be applied for the same transaction.

To create a new label, use Create a new label endpoint:

POST /labels

To assign a label to a transaction, use Edit a transaction endpoint:

PATCH /transactions/{id}

After the label(s) have been assigned to the transaction, the Get Transactions endpoint will return the assigned transaction label(s).

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