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Possible Reasons for Failing Batch Updates

There could be several reasons why an automatic batch update could fail and why the bank connection and its accounts are not automatically updated.

Here are the most common reasons and how they can be avoided or solved:

  • The user has not stored his banking PIN for his bank connection.
    -> The user has to edit his bank connection and store his PIN.

  • The previous update using the stored credentials failed due to wrong credentials.
    -> The user has to edit his bank connection and store the correct PIN or re-import his bank connection with the correct credentials. FinAPI won´t start the batch update until the user renewed his credentials and manually updated his bank connection once.

  • The bank connection was originally imported with a bank that is not supported anymore (mostly because the bank is deprecated). 
    -> The user has to re-import his bank connection with a supported bank.

  • The connection to the bank server is interrupted.
    -> Wait for the next batch update interval.

  • There is the possibility that the bank is excluded from the batch update service for your client or one of the bank's supported data sources can not be used by finAPI for your client.
    -> Please contact us for details about the batch update configuration.

  • The consent at the bank has expired.
    -> In cases of the XS2A interface, if the consent has expired, the following batch update would fail and set the "userActionRequired" flag to true. Customers can create a notification to end-users based on the flag. Only when the end-user creates another consent via updateBankConnection (for unlicensed customers this goes through the web form) the flag will be set to false and batch updates can resume.

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