Request Sandbox API Access

GiroIdent is designed to rely on the OAuth 2.0 Standard for authorizing applications and users. The GiroIdent services can only be used with a valid access user token. To learn more about authentication and obtaining such a token please refer to the “Getting Started (pre-requisites)” section in this documentation.

Access to all finAPI APIs can be requested directly on the finAPI home page under the link

Please make sure to mention in the remarks section, that you intend to use GiroIdent 2.0, and if you are interested to combine GiroIdent 2.0 with other finAPI services (like Access or Data Intelligence). This is essential to set up the necessary authorizations for the credentials you receive for the OAuth 2.0 authentication flow.

And: please get familiar with the different variants of GiroIdent, to decide on the one, that matches your requirements. All flavours despite the “Basis” variant require additional test credentials for SCHUFA’s web services, which will be provided for you, too.

For testing purposes on the GiroIdent sandbox, the following Access instance has to be used: In the case of using Plus or GwG product variants using SCHUFA services, the sandbox will be connected to SCHUFA’s test environment.

The finAPI Access sandbox is connected to real banks, there are no restrictions to use any real bank account for the GiroIdent variant “Basis”. However, The database of the SCHUFA test environment does not contain real persons. To test GiroIdent variants “Plus”, “GwG” and “GwG Total”, you can get the required details of a demo test user, which is listed both for the SCHUFA services and the finAPI demo bank.

The Sandbox environment licence is specifically set up for testing purposes, not for productive use. The test period is limited to 30 days, after which a production licence and production credentials are required. Please contact finAPI support to request credentials for the production system.

Demo User For Testing on the finAPI Sandbox

The following demo user is set both in the finAPI demo bank (blz: DEMO0001) and the SCHUFA test environment.

  "first-name": "Finapi",
  "last-name": "Demobank",
  "iban": "DE77533700080111111100",
  "blz": "DEMO0001",
  "gender": "M",
  "date-of-birth": "1980-01-01",
  "current-address": {
      "street": "Adams-Lehmann-Str. 44",
      "zip": "80797",
      "city": "MUENCHEN",
      "country": "DEU"

Credentials for the bank login via web form are: user = Data Intelligence, password = Analysis.