In case you are interested in customizing the Web Form based on your branding, this section will assist you in making it happen.

We are pleased to offer a dedicated API to customers for styling the Web Form as per the branding needs and the business case.

  • Remember to use the Admin Client credentials to manage the profiles service.

  • Use the endpoint to create a profile with a profile ID.

  • A profile is a style template that will be applied to the Web Forms generated for your end-users.

    • You can set up a default profile. Unless otherwise overridden, this profile will be applied to all your Web Forms.

    • Create multiple profiles, if needed. You can apply a specific profileId explicitly on each API call. This will override any default profile if any exists.

  • White labeling is now available to customers who plan to use both standalone Web Forms or embedded Web Forms. 


  • Think about your branding before triggering the endpoint.

    • Which color in the large palette represents your brand?

    • Which colors should the text appear in? There are 2 possible placeholders for 2 colors!
      It is important to think about these prior to triggering the endpoint.


By default, the finAPI profile will be applied. The below snippet shows the values finAPI will apply in case no profile is defined.

In case you do not define all values (incomplete values), when rendering the Web Form, your profile will be merged with the finAPI default values to generate a complete profile.

  "functionality": {
    "progressBar": "RENDER",
    "bankLoginHint": "EXPANDED",
    "storeSecrets": "RENDER",
    "bankDetails": "LOCKED",
    "header": "RENDER",
    "language": {
      "selector": "RENDER",
      "locked": null
  "aspect": {
    "colorScheme": {
      "brand": "#00ADDF",
      "text": {
        "primary": "#232323",
        "secondary": "#848484"
    "text": {
      "fontFamily": "Calibri,Roboto,\"Segoe UI\",\"Helvetica Neue\""

The default Web Form styling is as below. It is the finAPI profile.


Many of the API parameters can be customized. Some of them are highlighted below.


  • Text in RED - provides you with a description of what can be customized

  • Text in BLACK - provides you with the API parameter to use for your integration

Special cases

Implicit Approval

  • API parameter: functionality.storeSecrets

Think well over your use case before using the setting storeSecrets = IMPLICIT_APPROVAL. Consult with our support team in case you want more details. IMPLICIT_APPROVAL implies, the end-user will not see the checkboxes for "SAVE PIN" and "SAVE TAN Procedure" on the Web Form. But we will store his credentials and preferred TAN procedure anyway. In order to keep it clear and fully transparent to the end-users, the AGB text on the Web Form when this parameter is used will be a special (and explanatory) one.

The white labeling option is useful and relevant only to use cases that need access to accounts once (for ex., import accounts and immediately followed by payment initiation once). It optimizes the workflow for such use cases. But this option is not relevant for use cases like the full AIS service. In the case of customers using the full AIS service, this API parameter leads to a bad user experience for end-users.

In case you would like to use the option, IMPLICIT APPROVAL: Please create a profile with all the parameters you are looking to customize, including storeSecrets. You can set it to RENDER. Contact our support (support@finapi.io) with the profileId. Explain your use case and we will update the API parameter, storeSecrets to IMPLICIT_APPROVAL for you.