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About Web Form 2.0

finAPI offers clients the Web Form for a while now. However, we have now bettered our offering, called Web Form 2.0. This documentation points to and explains how to take advantage of the improved version of the Web Form. Here is why Web Form 2.0 is better for customers:

  • Simpler Integration:

    • Compared to the current customer integration process, with Web Form 2.0 customers have fewer API calls to integrate with.

      • Bank Search is now integrated within the Web Form workflows. This means, as a customer, you do not need to figure out the bank with the “get a bank” end-point. End-users will get a chance to choose their bank on the Web Form, and the Web Form backend will pick the correct bank and continue with the workflow.

    • Unlike before, customers don't need to understand what “interface” means OR build any logic around it. Customers can focus on their business case while we focus on ours!

    • What is Multi-step Authentication(MSA) you ask? Yes, we would be happy to give you an overview of MSA but unlike in the past, you don't have to worry about integrating with various MSA procedures. Web Form 2.0 will take care of this.

  • UX driven:

    • We have gone back to the drawing board to bring to customers and their users the best UX possible.

  • White labeling capabilities:

    • We bring to customers the possibility to white label our solution in an automated way. Use your logo, colors, and font styles to enhance user experience

  • Web Form 2.0 is compatible with most standard browsers and their latest versions!

  • Web Form 2.0 is also embeddable in customers’ web applications and/or mobile applications!

  • finAPI manages the display of the PSD2 Web Form. You could use both the existing Web Form and Web Form 2.0 for different business workflows. Please contact our support team at, and we will gladly set it up for you.

In case you are looking for the older Web Form implementation, here is the link to more details about it. Reach out to our support team( in case of questions.

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