What is a translation?

For clients who want to customize the text on the main titles and sub-titles rendered on the Web Form, we urge you to look up our Translation services. This is one of the many features built to improve the customizations of the Web Form to seamlessly integrate into the customer product.

How to set it?

Explore our new endpoint "Create a translation" in our openAPI documentation. For all the languages supported on the Web Form, for each of the views that the Web Form could render, customers will have the possibility to provide customized titles and sub-titles. When customers do not want the title or the sub-title, setting it to null will remove the title/subtitle completely from the view.

Translations end point has been built to work complimentarily to the "Create a profile" endpoint. In totality, both endpoints will apply all the possible customizations to provide the best outcome to customers.

Things to remember

Below is the list of mockups and the corresponding names of the API parameters you can find in the “Create a translation” endpoint. Customers are welcome to use this as a reference while integrating with the endpoint.

Most of the views below are steps common to both Account Information Services and Payment Initiation Services. In these cases, when the customization is provided, the same API will apply to Web For views of both AIS and PIS workflows.