About the Service

XS2A is an interface that allows your application to communicate with payment and account services of various banks under PSD2 regulations.

The finAPI XS2A API is 100% compliant with the Berlin Group Standard. 

This documentation is about a so-called Sandbox service that provides the possibility to test the access to bank data via the XS2A interface using test data.

The OpenAPI Definition with examples and additional hints is available under https://docs.finapi.io/?product=xs2a

How to Register

For XS2A Sandbox, no client registration is required.

XS2A API Access

In order to access XS2A API, several prerequisites must be met first, which are provided and authorised by third parties.

  1. You must be registered as a PSP at NCA of your country (Bafin in Germany, FMA in Austria)

  2. You must obtain a valid PSD2-compliant client certificate to authenticate your application to the XS2A API (see for example here https://www.bundesdruckerei.de/en/Service-Support/Service/Certificates-PSD2  on how to obtain a valid certificate)

Further Information