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Using a generated SDK

For quick and easy integration of the Access API, we offer the SDK download feature. It provides you with a client SDK that can easily be integrated into your application. Currently, about 60 programming languages and frameworks are supported.

Generate and download the SDK

The page describes the general steps to download a generated SDK, please follow the steps described there and select “finAPI Access” as the product.

Note: If you select “finAPI Access”, the API Version “V2 (latest)” is selected by default. Please use this API if you are newly starting with finAPI. Choose “V1 (deprecated)” only if you already integrated the V1 API and now want to generate an SDK.

Integrate the SDK into your application

The downloaded SDK is contained in a ZIP file, please unpack it into an empty directory.

Usually, a README file and additional docs are provided. Please check them out to get an overview of how to use the SDK and how to integrate it into your application.

For the following languages, we provide detailed SDK usage information:

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