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Example workflows

Are you a new customer and would like some help with understanding how to integrate? Here are some example use cases! Please note you might need to integrate with endpoints from 2 products (and hence 2 openAPI locations) in order to execute your use case. Hence, for each step, we clearly point out the product where you can find the endpoint.


  1. You are new to finAPI and currently reached as far as having client ID and client secret.

  2. You have also requested our Customer Success Management Team to set up Web Form 2.0 on your mandator ID!

I want to allow end-users to make payments without having to import their accounts

We have detailed the steps here. Feel free to look around the documentation, it describes various possible payment workflows.

I want to set up a Dashboard for payments

We have detailed the steps here. Feel free to contact our Customer Success Team ( in case you have further questions.

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